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Star of the West
Star of the West was a U.S. Bahá’í newsletter published between 1910 and 1935. It was one of the only ways for the western friends to receive Tablets and news about the Bahá’í Faith at that time and contains many translations of Tablets and communications which have to date not been published elsewhere. The first volume of Star of the West was published under the title of Bahai News.

For clarity on the title changes, see: Baha'i News (disambiguation)

For one potential useful resource for obtaining missing image scans and OCR text, see .

Calculations below on the amount remaining do not take into account inclusion of Persian text in the Persian section of many issues, but that text would be most welcome as well. The French text in Volume 12, Issue 18, p. 285 is also in need of proofreading (cf. with this image (and this) or see a different version of the image via ) as is the German text in Volume 12, Issue 4, p. 81 and Volume 11, Issue 13, pp. 220, 223, 229; and Spanish in Volume 11, Issue 7, p. 106. Japanese and Esperanto transcriptions are also desired for Volume 12, Issue 2, pp. 10-11 (scan 1, 2). For other todos related to this volume, see this page's wiki source.

See also a precursor to Star of the West, The Bahai Bulletin.


0% - OCR in progress (but raw images not started)


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